Friday, October 23, 2009

Since Halloween is around the corner....

I thought I would share a bridal session I did around last Halloween for a wonderful past bride of mine, Jennifer who got married on Halloween in 2008. I've never blogged this before because I didn't even start blogging until this year.

Jennifer is beyond awesome in my book. She was willing to do anything we wanted her to do in her wedding dress and this session was BEFORE the wedding day! We just adore it when a bride gives us free creative control and completely trusts us and our artistic vision.

Jen got her amazing wedding dress from Brides Against Breast Cancer to support their cause. Unfortunately, the designer names weren't released to the brides who bought the dresses so we don't know who to credit for this ridiculously unique, awesome wedding dress but we do know that it made it's debut in a runway show in New York before Brides Against Breast Cancer picked it up.

(Side note) - As most of you are well aware, my mother passed away from Breast Cancer in early 2004. I cannot stress enough how amazing it is that a foundation like BABC exists in the over-saturated wedding market. Every gown given by a designer or another bride to BABC is a gown purchased from another bride in need and that money goes to try to find a prevention or cure to help other women like my mother, but who may still have a chance at survival.

Girls, don't let your dress hang in the closet for 20 years hoping your daughter will want to wear it. 20 years from now, it will be out of style and she most likely won't want to wear it. Instead, donate it to Brides Against Breast Cancer and help make someones wishes come true while giving back in an enormous way.

Okay, sorry for getting all mushy on you... back to Jennifer!!

Jen's connections with a friend in Mount Airy, North Carolina landed us at this awesome property FILLED with whimsical eye candy, cool props and an awesome stage for our shoot. Oh how I wish I could stumble on something like this here in Tampa, Florida. I'd be in heaven!

Here are some of our favs from Jen's amazing Bridal Session!!

We started off in a bamboo forest where I got eaten alive by mosquitoes. Somehow or another, Latanya and Jen managed not to get bitten much but I was covered in bites. Not very fun but definitely worth it in the end!

Then we wandered over to this awesome gazebo, one of the most unique gazebo's I've ever seen in my entire life. We got some pretty sick stuff there.

And then into this abandoned shed...

And they even had a water windmill. We used a garden hose and held our hands over the nozzle to make a spray mist come out and the lady who owns the propery spun the wheel and hid out of sight. :-)

My infatuation with bold colors led me to use this awesome hutch

Then we headed off into another shed where we noticed a skull head and I just so happened to have a little lantern in the car so we decided to do something a bit more spooky since Jen was getting married on Halloween!

Jen is officially awesome for doing this next shot and totally rocking it out without a care in the world about how insane she looked or how much grease could leak onto her wedding dress before she got married! We love you Jen!

Then we found this awesome hallway of old doors and of course had to get some shots there!

And then we ran into this guest house area that was covered in ivy. So pretty and whimsical!

Last stop, we made our way to the train tracks. They were covered in sap and I didn't even want to sit on them in my regular street clothes but Jen plopped right down and put her bare bottom on the tracks so she wouldn't be sitting on the actual dress.

We hope you enjoyed these as much as we still do every time we look at them!

Until next time...


robin cornett said...

OK, the dress is incredibly awesome, but your bride is just gorgeous! I really love the shot where you can see the whole gazebo (can I have one like that pretty please?), and I really like the first one in the hallway of the doors, too. Wonderful!

Kat said...

this session is ridiculously awesome..i cant wait to blog them on saturday!!

Kelly LaBruyere said...

What a gorgeous and unique dress! These are some awesome shots!

ohana photographers said...

alicia the 1st and 8th from the bottom are awesome!!! lovin the shot with the skull too!