Friday, October 23, 2009

Published and Featured!!!

I finally did it! So many of my clients have been telling me for so long to submit something of mine out into the world. I've been too afraid of the rejection and the criticism but I have recently started to grow in confidence about my abilities as a photographer. It doesn't hurt that I have amazing clients who always remind me how awesome they think my work is!

I've been following this amazing website.. for what seems like forever now. I've always been so inspired by stuff that gets published on there. Being more artistically inclined in my own work, I've been moved by the off beat, awesomeness that the owner of the blogsite, Kat publishes on it.

I finally submitted something just a couple short days ago, Rebecca and Justin's amazing engagement session and Kat featured and published it on her blogsite this morning! She has hundreds, possibly thousands of loyal blogsite readers from all over the planet so for me, this is huge! Maybe next time, I'll submit something to a magazine. Haha, okay maybe not just yet! Maybe I'll start with a print competition for WPPI or something first. :-) is the direct link to the feature!

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