Thursday, February 4, 2010

Florida State Fair Contest Winners!

Hi Ladies! Thank you all so much for your entries. It was a pleasure reading your stories. I wish we could give away a session to everyone who entered because everyone had such great stories.

We had only one couple enter who was willing to wear their wedding dress and suit for the fair and this is what we most wanted so we have chosen Kori and Andrew to receive the free day after session at the State Fair. Kori and Andrew have had some tough times over the past year with our struggling economy and they're both total goofballs and we believe they'll have a great time at the fair and we'll be able to give them some great photos from their session. Plus, we shot their wedding recently and their ceremony was at night time so they didn't really get many shots of the two of them alone and we wanted to make sure they get those!

We also chose: Julie and Flo! Julie sent me such an awesome story and it sounds like her and Flo will be up for anything we throw at them. They're already married and will be renewing their vows after TEN YEARS in March. The love these two have for one another shone through the story that Julie sent me and I believe these two are going to let loose at the fair and have a great time. Every word she wrote bounced off of the screen and touched me and made me want to shoot them yesterday! So, I can't wait to do their couples photos! I hope all of my clients will love one another forever and stay together for a lifetime. Julie and Flo, after ten years, are well on their way and it doesn't seem like they're slowing down any time soon!

Thanks again to everyone who entered! We might be running another contest in the near future so be sure to check back on our blog!

Until next time...