Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tampa, Florida : Eve and Dan's Engagement Photo Sneak Peek

Eve and Dan met on an airplane. They were seated next to one another and by the end of the flight to their destination, the sparks had flown and they knew there was something special there between them. From the moment we sat down together at a Starbucks, several months back, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that these two people radiated the stuff that love is made out of.

During our entire consultation, they talked about how they met, how they fell in love, their wedding plans, etc. and they would look at one another with such heartfelt love and warmth. Talk about sparkling eyes, grins that cannot be wiped off of precious faces and a love that could shine light in the darkest room.

It was only fitting that we would do their engagement session with airplanes since that's how they met. We got access to a private airport and we used a helicopter and several planes. We had so much fun. I can honestly say they were my first couple to ever "make out"!! And I mean, make out! Some times, we had to break them up. Isn't love sweet?

Normally, I post 2-3 photos in a sneak peek and they actually have the people in them! Haha. Well, I just got done editing another session and wanted to get one up real quick from this session since their photos are next for me to edit.

The photo isn't of Eve and Dan. Sorry! It is however, a cool photo that was never meant to happen. We had just walked up to the helicopter to take our first shots. My assistant, Latanya had set the strobe light on and turned on the pocketwizard and told me to turn the one on the camera on and to do a test to make sure they were communicating. I just held the camera down by my stomach and pressed the shutter button and snapped a photo to make sure the strobe would fire. The resulting shot came from that test fire that for all I knew was just of the ground. The portion of a person whose arm is framing the flare would be Dan. :-)

More to come soon!


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