Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tampa Engagement Photographer : IKEA : Melissa and Nathan's Reveal

Melissa and Nathan contacted us to photograph their wedding for May of 2011. They're planning their entire wedding from New York, where they both live. They had already done an engagement session with a local NY photographer that encompassed the city that they both love.

So, when they decided to book us for an engagement session when they flew into town to meet with and select other vendors for their wedding, we knew we wanted to do something different and unique. Melissa and Nathan's Manhattan apartment is decked out in furniture from IKEA and they both have a young spirited attitude and love to have fun together. So, we decided to call in a favor with one of our friends at IKEA to get permission to do their engagement session there.

We are the first photographers in our area to do an engagement session at IKEA and we were only able to find 3 other sessions blogged about an IKEA engagement session anywhere in the world! So, we just love how unique this shoot was!

We had an absolute blast. We took photos all over the place and did silly things. This was one of my favorite engagement sessions ever!

We hope you enjoy the full reveal slideshow!!

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